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Alliance of Illusionists

Alliance of Illusionists


Magic clubs in Fort Worth, Texas that proudly meet together to organize activities for the practice and promotion of magic tricks, illusions, and sleight-of-hand. 

The “Bruce Chadwick SAM Assembly 138” meets as a chartered Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. Members must maintain membership in the national SAM organization. 

The “Alliance of Illusionists” meets concurrently with the Assembly as an independent club. Members do not have to be affiliated with the SAM or any other magic organization. 

Both clubs work together to promote educational programs and activities to benefit members and increase their knowledge regarding the art of magic.




The June 20 third Thursday 7:00 pm meeting of the SAM Assembly 138 and Alliance of Illusionists magic clubs will explore the arena known as FORMAL MAGIC. Please bring your favorite classic magic effects. There will be demonstrations, short magic lectures, and teach-a-trick segments.

Please note that the Executive Committee will meet at 6:00 pm at the Illusion Warehouse immediately prior to the monthly club meeting. All officers should be in attendance and all members in good standing (2024 dues-paid-up members) may attend as well. Visitors may not attend Executive Committee Meetings.  

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