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Alliance of Illusionists



Anyone interested in magic tricks, illusions and sleight-of-hand may apply to join.

VISITORS - Visitors may attend up to three regular Monthly Club Meetings as guests of the clubs. Thereafter visitors must either apply for membership to one or both of the clubs, or cease attendance. It is the responsibility of the Sergeant at Arms to keep an attendance record of all visitors, their contact information, and enforce the three meeting visitation limit. Visitors may not vote or attend Executive Committee Meetings, which are usually held at 6:00 pm, the hour before regular monthly third Thursday Monthly Club Meetings at 7:00 pm. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, visitors may attend Special Executive Committee Meetings that may be called during Monthly Club Meetings, but they shall not vote or express opinion unless the Executive Committee dictates otherwise.


CLUB AFFILIATION - Individuals may petition to join the Bruce Chadwick SAM Assembly 138 and the Alliance of Illusionists, or just the Alliance of Illusionists. The difference is that Assembly 138 members must also be members of the national SAM organization ( Members who join just the Alliance of Illusionists do not have to be members of the national SAM organization.



  • All applicants must pay the $25 application fee using the payment button indicated below. The fee covers club dues for the balance of the year in which application is made (through December 31). If membership is granted, thereafter club dues are paid annually on or before the first day of January. 

  • Applicants shall introduce themselves at a Monthly Club Meeting and present a New Member Introduction. This is usually a quality short magic performance, but it may also be some form of other presentation to demonstrate the applicant’s interest in magic. The demonstration is presented within three months of application to join the Clubs. The Vice President is responsible for scheduling all New Member Introductions. 

  • After presenting their New Member Introduction, applicants will then be voted upon by the club membership. Membership will then be approved or denied. In the event that an application is not ratified, the application fee will be returned. Applicants who are denied membership may re-apply for membership after ninety days of the denial.

  • Application for membership is an agreement to support the Bylaws of the Clubs. 

MEMBER TYPE - Individuals join the club(s) either as an Active or Junior member:

  • Active members must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Junior members must be at least 12 years of age. Also they must be escorted to all meetings by a legal parent or guardian who is also an Active member of the club, or escorted by another Active club member approved by the Executive Committee. Upon turning 18 years of age, Junior members automatically become Active members.

Visitors and New

Member Application

For New Members

$25 Application Fee
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